Harriott & Hound dog perfumes celebrate that unique canine presence in your lifetime. We know that the connection you have with your dog can be an extension individuals. Much more than a creature, your dog is your confidant, companion and cherished member of your family.

Gilly Harriott, the canine lover behind H&H, had always thought of creating a dog perfume to be with her closest friend in the world, Hefner her Spoodle. With over 25 years’ experience in the sweetness industry as well as a deep passion for dogs, Gilly chose to merge her passions and make this beautiful, dog-safe variety of perfume and cologne with your ex motto in your mind: “If it is good enough for humans it is great enough for my dog”.

Harriott & Hound luxury dog perfume is her way of saying “thank you” to all or any the special dogs in her life, past, present plus the longer term. Clean your puppy often. The biggest problem that dog odor infested houses have could be that the dog isn’t cleaned regularly enough. If you fail to go ahead and take necessary time for it to wash your pet, obviously he’s going to spread his smell in your nice chairs.

But, don’t wash your pet an excessive amount of – it’s not healthy to enable them to get baths over each month approximately. You would be surprised how much of a confident effect that could have though.

Additionally, maintain your dog’s bed or sleeping space clean. Don’t be letting your puppy sleep on furniture whenever possible, in case he does, consider having him sleep in the crate that could be cleaned once per week or even more to remove any odors.
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